Jim Boseman


There have been some rumors circulating that I dislike everything. Well, frankly, I dislike those rumors. Ha ha! No, all kidding aside here, this is not something I like to hear. One reader in Friend, NE writes: "I find it both appalling and typical that a satirist like yourself is constantly satirizing everything." This, to me at least, makes a great deal of sense. But, I take a great deal of umbrage at the reference being made here. Certainly I am many things, many of them not repeatable, but one thing I am NOT is a satirist. Do you know what satirists do? They make fun of things day in, day out, in a biting, caustic fashion. I shun caustic things, especially household cleansers.

The reader, who I will call Jim Boseman, further claims: "In your endless quest for material, you have prodded, harassed, and provoked every human being on the face of the earth." Were I a lawyer, I would say, "Oh yeah? Well, why don't you just ASK every human on the face of the earth, then?" But I am not a lawyer. If I were, I would certainly have given writing up a long time ago. Too dangerous. Boseman then inquires, "Is there ANYONE you like?"

Apparantly the reader, who I am calling Jim Boseman, stopped to smash a mosquito on his arm several times during some of my earlier writings, where I pointed out how greatly I esteem several of my fellow men. The article, aptly titled "The Ten Greatest Men of My Era to Date," described the high regard I have for people such as Jimmy Stewart, Dave Koz, and Bill Clinton. (My editor, who is leaning over my shoulder as I write this, tells me that "The Ten Greatest Men of My Era to Date" was NOT an apt title, as it could be taken two ways. I do not see what he means.)

As he closes, Jim Boseman, which is the name I am calling the reader in Friend, NE, urges me to "see the good" in things, and to place myself "in the shoes of the 'other guy.'" Well, reader, I appreciate your concern. And I do regret making fun of farmers in an earlier article. It seems that particular article prompted a series of letters similar to Jim Boseman's. Well, slightly similar, if less polite. By the way, I referred to the reader in Friend, NE as Jim Boseman because that IS his actual name. I did not think I needed to protect his rights. If I were in his shoes I would certainly want to get my name in print, and letters from the "city folk." Oops, sorry, Jim. Slipped out of your shoes there for a moment. I mean, boots.The Compendium

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