The Future


The future has long perplexed men. For example, meteorologists. They claim to predict what the weather will be. Sometimes they are right. But sometimes they are not. Meteorologists, even those that have earned the American Meteorological Society Seal of Approval for Television Weathercasting, are themselves perplexing. This is because they are closely linked to the future.

I believe one of England's great poets once mentioned something about the future. He said "the future is very perplexing," or something similar to that. I also believe he was right, because, unlike meteorologists, he did not predict anything.

What is it that makes the future so perplexing? And what does "perplexing" mean? Perplex sounds like the name of some car wax or household cleaner. I can picture the smiling twenty-seven-year-old woman now as she gazes at her spotless house on TV: "I use Perplex for those really tough stains." Then the dog would run in and track dirt all over the house. "CUT!" yells the director. "That was terrible! Jack, how many times have I told you to keep Spot off the set?!" Then everyone would buy Perplex because of the novel commercial idea, while laughing at the irony of the dog's name. Meanwhile, the director would move on to making motion pictures about boats, while cautioning everyone about the dangers of filming commercials live.

You may be saying "What did that have to do with anything?" Well, I will tell you. It was a prediction. One that will likely not come true. People who make predictions that do come true are called "prophets," but they don't actually know what will happen either. They heard it from Someone Who Knows. You may be saying "Who is this person? Is he a meteorologist, and, if so, what station is he on? Is he aware that he can make lots of money?" To answer your questions, yes, he is a meteorologist, but he has not earned the American Meteorological Society Seal of Approval for Television Weathercasting. He doesn't need it, because He controls the weather. The sad thing is that he never tells anyone else what his extended five-day forecast is, so we can't safely plan vacations.

Fortunately, we can always trust His predictions, because He is God. He said that He knows His plans for us, and that they will not harm us but bring us good. The future is perplexing, but fortunately The Chief Meteorologist has it all figured out. I don't really need to worry about that whole perplexing issue called "the future," just trust Him. Interestingly enough, the future is where all of us are headed. Even the meteorologists.The Compendium

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