Here we've tried to answer some of the most commonly recurring questions people ask us about Zach and his music. If you have a question that's not answered here, go ahead and ask it!

Q: Where can I download free Zach Bardon music?

A: You can listen to streaming audio samples and download free mp3s in the discography.

Q: What does "Kazoo's Galore" mean?

A: This phrase must remain forever shrouded in mystery.

Q: What is that weird bike thing on the "no pic yet" placeholder photo?

A: It's not a bike; it's a "zike!"

Q: Is "Watching the Streetlights" a love song?

A: No. It's a hope song.

Q: How can I stay apprised of Zach Bardon doings?

A: Wow, nice. You should totally register on Zach's Vocabularium.

Q: You didn't answer my question.

A: Sorry. I don't know what "apprise" means.

Q: Let me ask another way then: how can I stay informed of Zach Bardon news and events?

A: Ohhh, ok. You have three options. Here is the first: find out how to subscribe to the RSS feed.

Q: Is "I Won't Run Far" a love song?

A: Fiercely so.

Q: What is GarageBand?

A: It's a very easy-to-use audio production program. (official site)

Q: Is "Into You" a love song?

A: No way is that a serious question.

Q: Some of your songs make me cry.

A: Sorry.

Q: Especially that one.

A: Um... sorry.

Q: Stop it!! *sniffle*

A: Here... no way can you cry while watching this:

Q: OMG. Is that video for real?

A: I'm afraid so.

Q: Who is it?

A: It's Ai Otsuka. But please keep your questions on topic.

Q: Is Zach interested in dating people he meets on the internet?

A: No.

Q: What if they're really good looking?

A: Still no.

Q: What about Ai Otsuka?

A: She's cute, but still no.

Q: What if they play cello?

A: Keep talking...

Q: And dance really well?

A: I might be interested...

Q: And sing like Ella Fitzgerald/Diana Krall/Sara Gazarek/Sarah Slean?

A: Let's meet.

Q: When will Zach play in my town?

A: When you book him or find someone who will (contact bookingATzachbardon.com). Zach likes road trips.

Q: Is "Sorry" a love song?

A: Yes and no. (Oooh, nebulous)

Q: What does Zach use to record?

A: These days, Zach records and mixes mostly at his home studio, Clandestiny Studios. It's a simple but high quality operation, built around a fast computer connected to a Lexicon Omega.

Q: What instrument DOESN'T Zach play??

A: The Nay. It's an Arabic flute. He seriously can't get a note out of it.

Q: Is "She's Too Hot" a love song? Isn't it more of a lust song?

A: That's one way of putting it. Zach prefers calling it an "undeserved attachment to incredible beauty" song.

Q: How many paths must a man walk down?

A: 42.

Q: I like love songs. Can you list all of Zach's love songs?

A: What? No.