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Zach Bardon, Owner and Proprietor As you may have expected, zach bardon software is the brainchild and sometime hobby of Zach Bardon, owner of this domain name.

Zach's father is a longtime computer professional/nerd, so Zach came by the interest both genetically and environmentally, your opinions on nature vs. nurture notwithstanding. He began programming batch files in DOS in middle school, then Delphi (1.0!), then Pascal in high school, then Java in college, picking up all kinds of yummy web languages along the way. When asked about it, Zach said:

"I think the whole idea of quoting yourself on a
web page that you wrote yourself is just ridiculous."

Zach programs in his spare time, which these days is limited by all the other things he does in his spare time, such as playing guitar and watching Asian dramas. But he hopes you use and/or enjoy these programs.