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We supply all your funky needs.

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zbs Site History

zbs 1.0

zbs 1.0 The first version was, of course, crap. But it had some nice ideas. You can see that even from the beginning zbs has been all about supplying funky needs, and in particular, yours. All of them. In fact, zbs began out of Zach's deep sense of social justice, as a response to the funky needs of the world. Some people might ask, "what can one man do in the face of so many funky needs?" To that, zbs would simply answer: "Supply them."

zbs 2.0

zbs 2.0 The more thorough, more mature zbs website went online with a bang. The bang was, of course, a noise outside Zach's apartment in Seoul, of unknown origin. zbs 2.0 brings many improvements. Thoroughly modularized and back-ended by PHP. Svelte CSS. A Flash player (with autoplay set to off by default) replaces the annoying streaming embedded audio from zbs 1.0. The stupid sounds have been removed. The stupid colors have been changed. In fact, when updating the site to 2.0, almost all stupidity was removed. If you find any, please report it.