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This is my personal favorite picture of the Terrarium, taken from the end of the Addition. The only thing wrong with it is that the plantain on the right is already starting to die since it is past its prime. Smee would always sit in the pond under the overhanging plantain leaves. Here Smee is sitting in the pond, acting and looking like a marine toad. Pretty much all the different kinds of plants we used in the Terrarium are visible in this shot, including the several-inch-thick moss. The red in the pond is a reflection from the apple tree behind the Terrarium.

Smee happily thriving in his special habitat. Right next to him is one of the series of little oaklings we planted in the center of the Terrarium. The cave is nicely visible behind him, and the weed tree steals the foreground. Not much toadplant was still alive at the time of this shot, or it would be obscuring much of the lower foreground. But this way you can see the nice moss-covered terrace. It almost makes you wish you were a toad.

This picture was taken earlier than the previous, pretty much right after adding the Annex. The lid is not yet on the Annex. Smee would get stuck in the leaky pond, so we finally covered it with screen later. The moss was just attached, so it is not very vibrant or established.

The Annex after a period of becoming established. More rocks and moss. Also, the lid is on now. Smee is sitting in his spot in the pond again. Wishing you goodbye.

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