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Welcome to zach bardon software, where you can freely download several useful utilities created out of necessity, as well as several useless time-wasters created out of boredom. At zbs, we know two things: 1. You have funky needs. 2. We supply them.


Music Library Utilities

Media Lister

Media Lister

Media Lister is great for listing the contents of any media folder (and subfolders) on the web. The generated list is configurable, modular, stylable, and really easy for "users" to navigate.

M3u-to-HTML Converter

M3u-to-HTML Converter

A handy, versatile program to convert m3u playlists into HTML, using either normal text, unordered lists, or tables.



Royalty 2

An addictive solitaire card game Zach invented one day when he was bored. Create same-suit stacks as quickly as you can. Warning: in beta testing, Zach's mom became addicted!

Life Workshop

Life Workshop 2.0

Zach's feature-rich rendition of John Conway's infamous game of Life!