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zbs offers its software to you as freeware, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License. You need pay nothing. If you use the HTML-generating utilites, I only ask that you leave the little line of attribution at the bottom linking back here. Otherwise, zbs software is responsibility-free. If you would like to appreciate, support, or motivate Zach's coding efforts, please donate here:


I support zbs! Maybe you really like it. Maybe it saves you valuable time. Maybe it makes you smile. Maybe it causes you to chortle with merriment. Maybe it is useful. If so, the best thing you can possibly do is tell me so. The second best thing you can do is give me money.


I support zbs! Yes, for Zach it is a hobby. He has poured hours of his life into these tasks which result in no fiscal compensation. Donating will affirm to him that these tasks were valid applications of his time and talents, and that he is a human of worth and value. Also, it will make him feel happy.


I support zbs! Did you request a feature or bugfix, and Zach said he would "get around to it"? Waited more than a day and no sign of any progress whatsoever? Well, too bad; zbs is only a hobby. We supply all your funky needs in our own funky way, which sometimes may involve the passing of several years. <g> Donating proves that you are serious, and in earnest. You seriously want the feature, or you earnestly want the bug gone. Zach respects seriousness and earnestness, plus he will feel obligated if someone gives him money for something. Donating is guaranteed to greatly expedite your feature request.