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11.24.2007 / Don't Loath Scripting? Script for Loathing!

I've been doing a lot of scripting for KoLmafia, a Java interface for the awesome online game Kingdom of Loathing. You can check out my most lauded scripts at the Script Repository. Hehe.

7.21.2007 / zbs 2.0 Launched

Today marks the official launch of Zach Bardon Software version 2.0! I've been working on this for several weeks now. Product info pages still need work, but otherwise it's a beaut. Come get your funky needs supplied.

7.8.2007 / m3u to HTML Converter close to 4000 downloads!

Just checked download.com and noticed that m3u-HTML Converter is sitting at 3,885 downloads! Not bad considering it's not even finished...

8.1.2006 / Royalty news

Revamped the Royalty site, including repackaging the downloadable files.